Interstate 57 has recently been the sight of many serious and deadly car and semi-truck accidents for drivers throughout Illinois, including those in the Champaign, Urbana and Rantoul areas.  The combination of inattentive drivers, road construction, and poor road conditions has resulted in far too many injuries and deaths occurring on this major Illinois highway that many of us use everyday.  Just a few of the reported cases over the last several months include the following:

  • Two car crashes within a short period of time occurred on I-57 between Rantoul and Paxton, bringing traffic to a virtual standstill for over an hour.
  • Multiple vehicles crashed in a chain reaction collision in at the I-57 and I-74 interchange.
  • Three people were injured when a drunk driver crashed on I-57 near the Bradley Avenue bridge.
  • A woman drove off the Bradley Avenue bridge while it was being reconstructed and landed on Interstate 57.
  • Three semi trucks collided on I-57 near Salem.
  • Two semis collided near mile marker 245 in Champaign County, causing the southbound lanes to close.

Jeff Cisco has many years of experience successfully handling injury claims arising from crashes on highways throughout Illinois, including those on Interstate 57.  Jeff recently represented a young woman who was paralyzed when her vehicle was struck by a semi-truck on Interstate 57.  Jeff has secured compensation for injury victims in crashes throughout the State of Illinois.  A while back, Jeff recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for an Illinois woman injured on an interstate highway in Iowa.  The at-fault driver’s insurance company in that case attempted to remove the case from the venue that Jeff chose in Illinois to a less favorable venue.  Jeff convinced the judge to keep the case in the chosen venue in Illinois, and was ultimately able to achieve a favorable outcome for his very deserving client.

If you or a loved one have been injured on the highway, count on an experienced highway crash attorney to fight hard to get you the justice you deserve.  Call Cisco Law, P.C. today for a free, no obligation consultation.  You pay nothing until we settle or win your case.

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